HV-518DC 24V Electric Screwdriver + Power Controller

Фото #1: HV-518DC 24V Electric Screwdriver + Power Controller
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This electric Screwdriver is an attractive piece for those who value the quality of their tools. A forward and reverse switch makes screw driving and screw removal much easier. This screwdriver makes a handy addition to most any tool collection. Ergonomic grips provide comfort and control


Safe and reliable operation;
Suitable for assembly line, etc.;
Motor starting fast, small current, low temperature and noise when continuous operation, can instant braking;
Gear case and clutch with good abrasion resistance, stable working;
With indicator and switch


Input voltage 220V;
power 40W;
Input frequency 50Hz;
Current 1.2A;
Output voltage 3-Mode, 18V, 30V, 36V;
Brand Kanwei
Model HV-518
Quantity 1Piece
Color Orange + Black
Material ABS
Screw Head Type Phillips
Screw Driver Suitable for screw 1.2~3mm; Tool bit diameter 4mm
Input voltage DC 24V;
Twisting force 0.2~7 (kgf/cm);
No-load speed 1000rpm
Weight 650g
Package Size 26cm x 10cm x 5.5cm

Packing Content:

1 x Electric screwdriver (167cm)
2 x Phillips screwdriver head (2mm / 3mm)
1 x Power supply (US plug power cable 86cm)

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